The JYPT (The tournament is being held from September 12 - 15) is an exciting opportunity for teams of enthusiastic Science students in the Asia Pacific Region to come together and participate in Physics Fights, collaborate with fellow student scientists from around the region and take home the title of JYPT 2012 Champion.



JYPT 2012 is being held at The Hutchins School, Tasmania, Australia.

The Problems


The following 5 problems are to be investigated for JYPT 2012



Accommodation for JYPT 2012 can be arranged at The Hutchins School Boarding House.

Tournament Application

The JYPT2012 Tournament Application that contains details about the competition, programme and WiFi connects and rules is now available on both the Google Play Store for Android Devices and the App Store of iPhone and iTouch users. The links below will take you direct to the app webpages or browse for them using your smart phone or mobile device.


Android app on Google Play JYPT2012 - The Hutchins School